Lake of Two Mountains

About Lake of Two Mountains Squadron

April 7, 2017

Following a long period of inactivity by the squadron their warrant was surrendered to National. Squadron memberships were transferred to Lake St Louis Squadron unless the member requested a transfer to a different squadron.

Historical Information

In 1958 Peter Highfield and Clint Ward purchased a wooden cruiser. The boat which had been constructed in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was sitting on a wooden sled north of Harwood road in Hudson and was purchased for the princely sum of $250.00. They had it dragged to the Hudson Yacht Club storage yard which was by the ice-house and began working on the boat. About this time Peter and Clint heard about the Canadian Power Squadron and signed up for a course in 1959. This piloting course for Peter and Clint was held at the Iroqouis Yacht Club. They graduated in 1960. After their graduation and discussions with the powers that be, they took on the responsibility of conducting courses in Hudson in order to get enough local graduates to start a new squadron. So in the fall of 1960 they began classes in piloting in the cafeteria at the Hudson High School. All of the students graduated in 1961 and the Lake of Two Mountains Power Squadron came into being as per the Charter. Peter Highfield had to leave Canada for employment in England so Clint Ward was elected as the first Squadron Commander.

The Charter members of the Squadron were:

Bob Bocock (1961), John E. Brett (1961), Ivan S. Brown (1961), Dave Crandall (1961), Earl F. Freeman (1961), Gerald A. Golden (1961), Peter Highfield (1960), Andrew Johnstone (1961), Guy A. Larose (1961), Mike C. B. Prust (1960), W. Stanford Reid (1961), J. Norman St-Aubin (1961), Al Smardon (1961), Herbert A. Staneland (1961), A. Edward Tweddell (1961), W. A. Walmsley (1961) and Clint G. Ward (1960).

Mrs. Trudy Brett (1961), Mrs. K. Smardon (1961), Mrs. Doris Brown (1961) and Mrs. Joyce Prust (1960) also became Lady Associates in the new squadron.

Friday June 2nd 1961 the new squadron received its charter which hangs in the Queen’s Room at The Hudson Yacht Club. This charter signed by Alex R. Neville AP the Chief Commander confirmed the formation of the Lake of Two Mountains Squadron.

These Gentlemen and Ladies agreed that The Lake of Two Mountains Power Squadron would have Hudson as its location. The Hudson Yacht Club were pleased with the formation of the new squadron and agreed to have the Charter posted in the Queen’s Room.

By mutual consent Clint Ward was confirmed as Commander. Mike Prust was elected as Executive Officer. Eddy Tweddell was elected as Treasurer and Guy A. Larose as Secretary.

November 23rd 1961 (Thursday) – Letter Addressed to Mr. Mike C. B. Prust (Executive Officer) at 28 Caron Ave., Dorion, P.Q. Executive Officer from E. C. Poole, District Training Officer requesting information about courses that the Squadron would be giving in the fall of 1961. He proposes to visit each Squadron during the coming months and would like to attend a Piloting course lecture and “is eager to hear directly from the users just how successful this new format is”. December 1st 1961 the Squadron was part of the Rideau – St. Lawrence District.

October 6th 1961 (Friday) The first correspondence was received addressed to All  Squadron Commanders from S. A. Stevens, District Commander inviting Clint Ward, Squadron Commander to a district meeting at the Royal Hotel, Cornwall, ONT at 1500 hrs Saturday October 14th 1961. A hand written note on the bottom of the letter says “This is a good chance to meet CPS people”.

Mr. Prust (Executive Officer) replied that the Squadron would be having ten students in Piloting with a possible three more. Twelve students in Seamanship with a possible two more as follows:

Piloting on Thursday nights at 7.15 PM in the Hudson High School cafeteria at a cost of $10.00 per student. Seamanship on Monday nights at 7.15 PM at the same place and at the same cost per student. Exams are expected to be held for Piloting March 1st or March 8th 1962 and for Seamanship March 12th or 19th 1962.

In December 1961 the membership was 20, 17 members and 3 Lady Associates.